Students in 5th grade have an opportunity to participate in WLES, a newcast sent to classes daily. In the broadcast, students lead the pledge, moment of silence, share the lunch menu and more. Students learn about TV broadcasting and video production. Students have an opportunity to learn and perform every job from operating the camera and audio equipment to producing and editing programs. The goal is to have students plan, record, edit and produce the entire show. Participating students are held to a high standard and are required to maintain a good behavior record not only in the studio but also in the classroom. While no particular grade average is required to participate, students are expected to have a good work ethic in the classroom to participate. Lastly, students participate in a short audition process to be chosen. At the end of production for the year, the WLES team will go on a field trip to WATE, a TV station in Knoxville for a look at how a professional team runs a television station.